Thursday, 12 February 2015

10 Lush Products I couldn't live without

We love Lush 
and if possible we try to buy all of our beauty products there.

This is Lindworm's list (not in top10 order):
1. Enchanted Eye Cream
I'm doing my best to keep my face looking fresh and young. It takes forever to finish this tiny bottle.
I use this also above my lips to prevent mummyfication.

2. Grease Lightning -Spot Treatment
When ever an evil spot attacks my face,
this bad boy helps killing it without leaving any marks of battle.

3. Honey I washed My Hair -shampoo bar
If you have never used a bar shampoo, you should try one! It takes about 6 months for me to use it up... And they make hair feel (and sound) squeaky clean. I also love Jumping Juniper.

4. R&B -conditioner
This is the ultimate hair conditioner. I feel like I'm the best mom my hair could have when I'm using R&B. The scent is sensational too. Better than a perfume.

5. Rose Jam - shower gel
I'm addicted to Rose Jam at the moment but it's a seasonal product so... gonna miss you!
I can't use any other brands shower gels anymore. I just trust in Lush. Other favourites of mine is Sweetie Pie (shower gelly) and It's raining men.

6. Shine So Bright -hair balm
This is a balm for the ends of my hair. It helps them not to get split and it smells good.

7. Coalface -facial soap
 This is my favourite facial soap from Lush. It's the good stuff.
It really does its job and smells like liquorice. So unique!

8. Tea tree water -toner water
Those magical words make me trust a product. And they've never failed me.
I love the scent, again. I spray this toner directly to my face and let it dry. Whenever I don't have makeup on my face, I tend to spray it a couple of extra times a day.

9. Lovely Jubblies -boob cream
What can I say, I want to keep my boobs perky and cute. It also imagine it as my perfume.
('cos I'm not big into using perfume perfumes)

10. Feeling Younger -skin tint
This product brightens my cheek bones and under eye area beautifully. I made a make-up-freak-friend of mine buy it too and she fell in love with it.

These products are something you can always find in my bathroom and I love them dearly. I don't use Lush's body lotions or facial moisturisers just because of the price.
Whenever I've used them I've run out of product in a month or less... it never happens with products mentioned above. But I'd really love to use regularly any of Lush's most expensive facial creams! I bet they are super.
I've also bought some body lotions when they've been in discount. I love Vanilla Dee-light the most!

 Ilar's list

1. Dirty spring wash -shower gel
Quite self explanatory really. Just as Lind I use only Lush shower gels. Because they smell good and work. Simple as that. Dirty smells so fresh and because of menthol it feels really cooling on the skin.
I like it!

2. Dirty -body spray
I've just recently bought this but I have really fell in love with this damn thing.
It is really handy ''dry washing'' your skin for me example I use this to my armpits. I haven't really found antiperspirant that would work for me. This works like wonder though because I don't take shower every day like Lind. It keeps me clean and has that nice dirty spring wash smell.
Be careful though! Couple pushes are ENOUGH. We both almost suffocated when I used this in our living room first time. I absolutely love Lushs strong scents but be careful with this thing!

3. Kalamazoo -beard and facial wash
You need to take care of your beard. I use this to my mustache and eyebrows too as expected.
Kalamazoo naturally contains some form of conditioner so
at first It was weird to use this product because it leaves your skin little oily.
Of course you're not supposed to use it on your skin
but when you wash beard you can't really avoid that.
I have really oily skin so most of the products I have used doesn't really work. I get
pimples right away but kalamazoo (and most of the other Lush products)
I have experienced to work without any negative effects. Cheers to Lush!

4. Veerappan -mustache wax
I decided to grow mustache last autumn and only until now I am relatively satisfied with them.
I've always wanted big mustache so I can shape them to look what I want.
This wax works really good for me. It's stiff and mustache keep shape perfectly!
It also smells really good. Very much like pine resin.
(When you have product constantly under your nose. It better smell good.)

5. D'Fluff -shaving cream
I like my beard so I don't shave so much but sometimes
 there is some awful neck beard which demands to be cut off.
So, I use this. It smells like strawberries and It works for my oily skin.

6. Zest -styling gelly
I don't style my hair as much as I used when I was younger. This is working really good for me when
I need some wacky hairstyle. I do that sometimes.. Lind approves. Also it does not leave any disgusting greasy look on your hair when you need firm hold. I appreciate that.

But this is top 10 list? Where's rest four? Well, I use same products as Lind
and I agree with her text so didn't see necessary to write my own point 'cus it's same
These products are:

7.  Coal Face -facial soap
8. Honey I washed My Hair -shampoo bar
9. Tea tree water -toner water
10. Grease Lightning -Spot Treatment
Every product is important to me, I couldn't look the same without these products. Thank you Lush!
I hope you had fun reading this as we had fun doing it.

-Lindworm & 'Lar

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