Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tattoo experience

After five hours and three seperated sessions I finally got my tattoo finished.

It is a root which morphs into a barbed wire and after that to vine. I am so happy, that major part of my left hand is finished. I'm planning to continue it with roses, bugs and all sorts of nature themed things.
My right hand is in planning phase but I've always been interested in fantasy, vikings and celtic tribes so it is going to contain mostly those things.

Art below fierce viking girl with her pet wyvern.(=Lindworm).  Made by Lind, thanks again love :)

Last part (the root in back of my hand) was the most painful experience I have ever had in my life. The Vine and barbed wire before that one were bad but not like this! It felt like pain had doubled since last time.

My tattooer said it's because skin is so thin in that area. So it was kinda he was tattooing my bone.
For some reason i had always thought that hand (and backhand) would be easiest part but... i was royally wrong! I've heard the top of foot is pretty bad place also.
I am glad it only lasted 65 minutes but still.. Ach, it was bad!
After that me and Lind went to eat chinese. I was bit grumpy because tattoo was swollen from pain but Wörm and good hot chinese food made me feel a lot better. :)
Currently I am healing and comparing last to places (forearm and upper arm) this is a lot easier place to take care of.  Sadly, it slightly cripples my ability to write with keyboard but that's ok.


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