Monday, 26 January 2015

Our trip to Lush.

We went to Lush Xmas sale. 50% off from Xmas products!
Lind introduced Lush to me when we moved together and now I absolutely love it. (Lind has always loved lush) 90% of our cosmetics are from Lush all though there is only one store in Finland. We are so glad it's conveniently placed at the center of Helsinki and it only takes 20 minutes for us to get there. 

We love taking baths and currently we've got almost 10 bath bombs and slices awaiting to be used. 
Drummers Drumming is for foam and scent. It's just like Lush Magic wand (Which Lind bought from Halloween sale) It has already melted to it's bubbly doom so no Pic sadly :(


Candy mountain sounds something I'd like to take part of! This is Bubble bar in Lush language (I think) and it basically means more resilient bath bomb. As you might imagine it smells like candy.


Holly Golightly is a bath foam. It looks like Mistletoe and smells like Xmas in all its ''cinnamonny'' glory. On a Side note: Lind doesn't really like cinnamon but i like it. We both love its smell though.


We just picked this one up in register because it was cheap and gold. Lindworm likes gold and shiny things... you know all that dragon thing... I don't really remember what it smells like because it's in a plastic bag but it must be good. On a Side note: Lindworm is Wyvern in a British lore. Wyverns are not known for hoarding gold or anything shiny.

Golden Wonder is a bath bomb. It smells like lemons. Lemons are good. They can stay.


Snowcake is a soap. It smells like Almond milk. I like it. It's like a soap. For hands.

Bath bomb shaped like a teddybear? Sure! Looks adorable. Butterbear smells like vanilla and choco butter and i don't know about you but that is delicious! We are really looking foward using this. We have not had such chocolately bath before. Even Moominpappa is dancing for it.

Wörm fell in love with Rose jam in a first sight! She usually likes more candy like smells but this is a scent of rose queens and lemon kings. I was little bit surprised and so was she! Because roses... grandma... you know... Basically it's a smell for older woman but yes, she is correct, it smells like Turkish spa. (that's a good thing)

Last but not least a shampoo. We used Jumping juniper it was really good but I like honey and toffee scent more. We also think it's a good joke because we wash our hair twice a week. Why? Colours :)
(And no our hair doesn't smell or grow moss and bugs. Dry shampoo is a thing)

We are posting rewievs on these in later time. Sorry for lack of links but couldn't find any because they're Xmas products and left from selection. I hope you liked this post I know I had fun time writing it!


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