Monday, 19 January 2015

New Shoes!

 Me and Ilarrr got new shoes!
They are by a British brand called Irregular Choice
 I fell in love with the idea of a rainbow griffin.

 'laar bought me these cute Santa Claus pumps as a Christmas present. 
I got them just after Christmas... because of mail >:(
But I will use these shoes in the summer because I love gnomes all year around!

 I managed to make my little sister hate the word "el gnomo" because I kept saying it too much (for her taste) one day. So now I have an inside joke to wear in my feet. It does tell about my sense of humour... heh :D

  Rainbow dragon scales.
 They put so much "irrelevant" details in IC shoes. And that's just what makes me love them!

 I bought these oily shoes for Ilarrr. Aren't they awesome!
We're obsessed with this whole oily thing. Now he can match with my oily leggings :)


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