Saturday, 17 January 2015


Hello and welcome to our land of goblins, wizards, griffins and gnomes all things of magical nature! Let me embark you into the story. Story of a man, who grew to be a knight. Not a perfect knight, no, arrogant and provoking by nature but still somehow.. Interesting.. Interesting being, who knew how to appreciate and love. But that's not a knight WE are focusing on... Actually he is not a knight at all.. no.. He is just fantasy nerd, writer and a movie fanatic from northern Europe. He thinks he is a viking but no. Finns never were vikings. True tragedy really.. 

Quite an introduction, hm? Personally, i think it's tasteless and full of unnecessary epic.. You did not think that was epic? Think again, in a different voice.. try to imagine it's spoken by old wizard who is passing his wisdom to a children. However, about this blog. What can you expect from me in this blog? Well, a lot of rants about things i don't like. Maybe occasional movie review and some just general life style action with my wifekin Lindwörm. She is a dragon!

"You look like a lesbian and a homo and that's why you can't get a job!"  said grandma
I'm Lindwööörm and I write this blog too. I make stop motion animations and draw comics and I collect and make dolls. I get tired of my hair colour once a month and I like to get dolled up.

Ilaarr is my best friend. We hate things together and we tend to watch bad horror movies. We take too long naps and love to go for a walk when it's snowing.

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